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"The reward of one duty is the power to fulfill another."

- George Eliot (1819 - 1880)
Duties and Powers of coordinators

Every coordinator must have the spirit of social welfare in the society. He will maintain the aim of the Organisation and follow the principles up to full extent that too selflessly.

He will not accept/gain or try to accept/gain any donation, charges & monetary benefit either from the Organisation or its name or from the citizens against services provided by him on behalf of the Organisation.

He will abide by the rules and sub rules (in force) of the Organisation.

The Validity of his tenure as coordinator will be for one year from the date of his entry in the Organisation and renewal will be based on his performance, contribution of his work to the society and on the full discretion of the executive & managing committee of the Organisation.

He has no right to be continue as a coordinator with out the consent and approval of the committee. Identity card will be issued only for one year and will be renewed every year.

He will not misuse his powers and not threat any body in influence as a oordinator of the Organisation. If he do so he will be responsible for his act and Organisation will not favour him and his services as a coordinator will be terminated froJIl immediate effect as soon as it come in the notice of the Organisation.

He is authorized to use the letterhead of the Organisation with his name & address and forwarded the grievances of the complainant and of the effected people to the concerned departments but copy of the said correspondence will have to be forwarded to Regd. Office of the Organisation for their records, achievement of the coordinator and further pursue the matter to concerned department in the non replying cases,and take the action with concerned higher authorities.

He is authorized to put/fix a sign board at his office, residence being a coordinator so that effected persons and complainant can approach to him to solve the problem & grievances. He can also have visiting card in his name.

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